The shooting is confidential and is not used in my portfolio and social networks without your permission.

*** Very often, during the shooting I take photos where it’s impossible to identify who is depicted on them (faces are not visible, photos from the back, large details, close-ups of body parts) - I reserve the right to use such frames without approval
Preparation for shooting
  • go to bed early if it's possible
  • moisturize the skin of the face and body with cream
  • try to wear clothes that do not leave marks on the body (no tight elastic bands, sports tops, digging straps, etc.)
  • if possible, avoid bright/colored manicures and pedicures
  • ideally be without makeup (or minimal makeup if desired) 
  • bring a towel, comb, clear lip balm 
  • Crocs or flip-flops
Photos with clothes
Yes, of course, during the shooting we can take several shots in clothes that suit the style

Usually we finish the shooting with such shots so as not to leave traces of clothing on the skin.

What you can take with you:

basic underwear, bodysuit, swimsuit (it is important that none of this squeezes the body

white/black oversized shirt

tunics, kimonos, cardigans made of flowing fabric

knitted cotton sweaters

If you have no experience in shooting and posing
All the girls in my photographs were either on a shoot for the first time in their lives, or for the first time at a shoot in this style.

Lack of experience is even an advantage.

You are a blank slate.

I completely guide you through the process, show and tell you what to do, we are in no hurry and do everything at a comfortable pace.

But it is important to remember that the key to successful photography is teamwork.

Shooting is always a dialogue.

On your part, I need trust, participation and inclusion in the process.

Locations. Nuances
It is important to know that the way to the locations may pass along paths, rocks, there could be an up and down slopes, somewhere you will have to make a little effort and it is best to wear comfortable sports shoes.

Ocean water is often very cool even in summer.

We will sit, lie on stones, sand, plunge into water, wet our hair, climb somewhere and move quite a lot. For many, this will be a way out of their usual comfort zone and we need to be prepared for this.
Color photographs and “can I take a photo today”?
Color photographs.

Occasionally, and at my own discretion, I take some shots in color, if I see that the color will fit beautifully on the original frame. (many factors influence this)

I cannot promise that such shots will be in your shooting.

If you choose a shooting on film, one of the rolls will be color by default.

As for requests to take 1-2 (3/4/5/10) photos and send them directly on the day of shooting, because “it’s my birthday, I really want to show it to my friends, send it to my boyfriend,” etc.

I also cannot promise this.

This is not as simple a process as it may seem, and often it is not technically and physically possible for me on the same day.

I hope for your understanding and respect for my time.